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Product Description

Silicone rubber heaters consist of many layers of silicone rubber sheets that are bonded together through heat and high pressure. A fibreglass grid (which is visible on the surface) reinforces the silicone rubber sheets. It is possible to make the surface of the heaters smooth (i.e. make the grid invisible) by covering the fibreglass with a thin layer of silicone. A uniformly spiralled resistance wire web that covers the entire surface of the heater is embedded within the layers of silicone rubber. This web could be designed such that holes and cut-outs are incorporated on the heater. When silicone rubber heaters are made with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing, a thin layer of aluminium is added prior to the adhesive layer, in order to improve heat transfer and maintain its uniformity. This construction makes silicone rubber heaters an ideal solution to the requirements of many low and medium temperature applications, which do not conform to the standard shapes, sizes and dimensions of band, strip, cartridge, tubular and coil heaters.

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