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Product Description

Over-the-side immersion heaters are designed for vessels where through the side immersion heaters cannot be conveniently installed. Over-the-side heaters are installed through the top of the vessel with the heated portion of the unit along the side or at the bottom of the tank. Natural circulation of the fluid inside the vessel allows for even distribution. They take up little space, eliminate the need for tank penetrations, are easily removed for service, and provide ample working space inside the tank. Custom configured elements evenly distribute heat by direct contact in numerous applications, including acid and alkali solutions. Terminal houses or lead wires are provided for power connection.

These immersion heaters are available with heating elements made of copper, steel, stainless steel, cast iron, Incoloy, titanium, and PFA coated. A wide selection of kilowatt ratings, shapes and mounting methods are available to suit many different types of applications.

The large variation in heating element material and shapes of over-the-side immersion heaters offers a wide selection in the application of these units. Water, oils, solvent, plating baths, salts and acids are some of the many liquids and viscous materials commonly heated with immersion heaters. Over-the-side heaters types permit portability, easy removal for cleaning of tanks and heaters, and ample working area within the tank when installed.

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