Mineral Insulated Band Heaters

Mineral Insulated Band Heaters

 High Operating Temperature Applications

 Blown Film Dies


 Injection Molding Machines

 Other Cylindrical Heating Applications

Product Description

Mineral insulated band heaters are rugged and heavy duty heaters made for applications that require high temperatures (up to 1400℉) and high watt densities (up to 100 W/in²). These heaters are ideal for increasing output especially in injection moulding and to meet the heating requirements to process newly engineered high tech resins.

The nickel chrome resistive material inside a mineral insulated heater is embedded in Aluminium Oxide insulating medium which provides excellent heat transfer and dielectric strength. A stainless steel outside casing gives external protection.

Mineral insulated band heaters are made with various clamping mechanisms, electrical termination styles, thermocouples and can be manufactured with holes and cut-outs.

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