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Mica Band Heaters-Available in Standard and Custom/Bespoke Band Heater Designs Including L Shapes, U Shapes, Cones, Partial Coverage

Custom/Bespoke mica insulated band heaters or otherwise known as mica heater bands, metric and European styles are suitable for pipe heating, plastics injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and blown film equipment as well as for other commercial and industrial applications.

Our mica band heaters offer lower operating cost – because of superior mica insulation, less heat escapes to the air and less wattage is required to maintain barrel temperature. Superior mica heater design and insulation reduces power consumption by 2.5% to 5.0%. Mica heater bands offer high operating temperatures and long heater life, because all materials used are rated to operate at very high temperatures. In addition, mica band heaters are less expensive to manufacture than other band style heaters and hence additional savings can be had. We also supply insulation blankets for your mica heater band barrels and dies should additional power consumption savings of 20-30% be part of lowering your firms carbon footprint.

National Plastic Heater can customize mica band heaters with holes, cut-outs and partial coverage options as well as various clamping and termination styles. Successfully positioned in domestic trade, National Plastic Heater is also engaged in the business of exporting industrial process electric heaters, temperature sensors (thermocouples and rtd’s), temperature control panels and solid state relays (SSR’s) to OEM’s, R & D Specifiers, Plastics and Rubber Industries, Machine Fabricators, Universities and End Users.

Custom/Bespoke Manufactured Band Heaters for Plastics Applications, Dies, Barrels and Cylindrical Vessels, Pipes and Cones

NPH mica insulated band heaters are a critical component for major manufactures operating in industries such as plastics, rubber, packaging, food service and a variety of other commercial and industrial applications.

Mica Band Heaters, Metric: Specifications, Manuals, Technical Letters & Tips:

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