Low Temperature Duct Air Heaters-1

Low Temperature Duct Heaters

 Heat treating, up to 1000℉ (540℃)




 Batch Heating

 Conveyor Systems

Product Description

Industrial duct heaters are heavy duty, dependable and safe heating units designed for low pressure fan-forced heating systems. Bucan offers two types of industrial duct heaters. Units designed for low outlet temperatures (up to 750℉) and units designed for high outlet temperatures (up to 1100℉). Both these models have general purpose terminal enclosures (NEMA 1) and utilize rugged 0.430 in diameter Incoloy tubular heaters that are arranged in an optimum configuration to minimize the pressure drop.

Construction features for up to 750℉ outlet temperatures

  • Incoloy sheathed heating elements
  • general purpose terminal enclosure (NEMA 1)
  • 3″ mineral wool insulation inside the terminal box
  • mounting plate, keeper plate and support hardware are mild steel


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