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Product Description

NPH designs and supplies custom electric cartridge heaters or otherwise known as insertion heaters and metric style cartridge heaters for industry. Also included are square cartridge heaters, bolt heaters, split sheath cartridge heaters and miniature small diameter pencil heaters for most industrial applications.

Successfully positioned in domestic trade, NPH exports custom electric cartridge heaters (both round and square), as well as split sheath cartridge/insertion heaters to OEM’s, R & D Specifiers, Plastics Industry Fabricators, Medical Equipment Manufactures, Universities and End Users.

NPH cartridge heaters, custom insertion heaters, split sheath cartridge heaters and square cartridge heaters are available in metric and imperial sizes and are a critical component for major manufactures operating in industries such as plastics, rubber, packaging, foodservice, military technology and a variety of other industrial applications.

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