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National Plastic Heater, Sensor and Control Inc. (NPH) was founded in 1995 as mainly a Plastics Industry manufacturer and supplier of electric heaters, temperature sensors (thermocouples & rtd’s), Fuzzy Logic temperature controllers, Hydro approved CSA/UL recognized temperature control panels and other Plastics’ Industry accessories such as contactors (MDR’S), solid state relays (SSR’s) and high temperature heater hook up  cable/wire.

Industrial Process Industries- Oil, Gas

Flexible Silicone Rubber Heaters-For Solar Parks

Due to increasing demand of these products and other customer requests and inquiries we have been able to increase our product line to service many other industries that require electric immersion heaters, flexible silicone rubber heaters, kapton polyimide heaters, temperature sensors and temperature control systems. With the belief and commitment to providing efficient thermal, temperature sensing and control solutions to industry, National Plastic Heater now provides products that include design and engineering services for the following industries:

Blue_Bullet_Icon Industrial Process Industries- Oil, Gas, Petroleum and Chemical

Blue_Bullet_Icon Food Service and Food Processing Industries

Blue_Bullet_Icon Industrial Packaging Industry

Blue_Bullet_Icon 3D Printer Heaters-Additive Manufacturing Industry

Blue_Bullet_Icon Alternative Fuel Processing Industries

Blue_Bullet_IconPower Generation-Nuclear and Coal

Blue_Bullet_Icon Industrial Waste Water Treatment Fuel Cell

Blue_Bullet_IconTransportation Industry

Blue_Bullet_IconSolar Energy Industry


Our design and manufacturing capabilities are diverse and flexible to satisfy our customers’ requirements. National Plastic Heater products range from standard off-the-shelf designs to complex custom thermal systems. Our combined engineering experience supports our customers with heater circuit solutions from concept through production. State of the art design software allows our staff to provide dynamic visual enhancements of prototype designs prior to manufacturing. In addition, our research and development department is constantly improving on current techniques and designs to take advantage of the latest in technology. Then we apply these improvements into your process heating and temperature sensing applications to enable your heaters and temperature sensors to be more durable and cost efficient. National Plastic Heaters’ knowledge base, experienced engineers and sales executives can offer many suggestions and alternatives to your new and or current heating projects so you can make well informed decisions with several alternative thermal solutions.

Due to the increasing demand for National Plastic Heater products, NPH and our partners have an ongoing program of investment in plant expansions, capital purchases and resources. This has enabled us to offer quality products with a fast delivery for both small quantity and large batch orders.

Service excellence is our number one priority to our customers. National Plastic Heater understands the value of service and the needs of customers. We have the ability to provide quick quotes, provide custom made designs and deliver consistent high quality electric heaters, sensors and controls to distributors, OEM’s and industry. Our attitude is that no quantity is to small and no production order is to big. We welcome both small customers and large projects.

Whether you require a custom made thermal component designed for a tough application or a more common part designed to meet the competitive demands of your industry, National Plastic Heater is ready to be your business partner. Let us prove our commitment to you and your success