Mica Drum Heaters-Review

Viscosity Control

Melting of Solids

Freeze Protection

Maintaining Temperature of Various Materials

Thermal Mixing


Product Description

Silicone and Mica Drum heaters are used to pre-heat liquids in drums or pails to make them less viscous and more flow able. They are suitable heat sources when heat is required to handle liquids during pouring, dipping, coating or mixing operations. Silicone and Mica Drum heaters are made to brace a drum externally and they are easily installed and removed when needed.

Silicone & Mica Drum Heaters – Specifications
(PDF 383KB)
Silicone Rubber Drum Heaters & Mica Drum Heaters –
Order Form (PDF 352KB)

Tools Box

♦ Ohms Law Calculator
♦ Temperature Conversion Calculator

Technical letter

♦ Installation and Maintenance
of Silicone and Mica Drum Heaters

♦ Additional Silicone and Mica Drum Heaters Information


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