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Mercury Displacement Relays (MDRs)-Review

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Product Description

Mercury Relays – Description

Mercury Displacement Relays are all designed and built to meet the most exacting demands of industry. They have won their high place in the electrical field by doing the tough and tricky jobs. They have proved their ability to stand up under the most adverse conditions of temperature, dust and moisture, in all types of applications.

Mercury Displacement Relays, Contactors or Switches as they are often called are hermetically sealed with high quality glass to metal seals.

The stainless steel tube is totally encapsulated in high grade UL approved epoxy to prevent moisture damage and voltage breakdown through the protective coating.

Inert gases internally prevent excessive arcing between the mercury and the electrodes which enables the unit to function for millions of cycles with very low contact resistance and minimum deterioration of internal parts.

Mercury Displacement Relays are available in all standard coil voltages, in single, two and three pole configurations. Other coil voltages are available upon request.

Mercury Displacement Relays & Contactors -Specifications (PDF 2.47MB)
What are relays & how do they work? (PDF 990KB)


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