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Flexible Heating Tapes-Review

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Product Description

Flexible Heating Tapes – Description

These general purpose flexible heating tapes consist of extruded silicone rubber and heating element, ½” to 3” wide, in lengths from 2 to 10 feet. They are moisture and chemical resistant with a rugged and dependable percentage controller which provides accurate control of the temperature. Standard flexible heating tapes are available for either 120 or 240 volt operation, develop 72 watts per linear foot and can withstand exposure temperatures up to 500℉. Flexible heating tapes are also available for Laboratory and industrial applications requiring temperatures up to 1100ºF. Our standard and heavy insulated heating tapes be it manufactured of fiberglass (900℉) or Samox (1100℉) are suitable for use on conductive or non-conductive surfaces be it metallic or non-metallic. Many of our heat tapes can be found on glass beakers, tubing, pipes and valves.





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