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Flanged Circulation Heaters-Review

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Product Description

Flanged circulation heaters are highly efficient heating cells designed to heat liquids and gases as they flow through a pipe body. These units are 100% energy efficient, compact, and easy to install. They offer primary heating or act as a backup/start up heating source to natural or forced circulation systems.

The core of a NPH Circulation heaters is a screw plug immersion heater or a flanged immersion heater that is installed into a pipe vessel. The vessel is thermally insulated and a stainless steel or rust proof painted outside metallic jacket protects the insulating material. The vessel is connected to a system through inlet and outlet NPT threaded fittings or flange connections.

Circulation heaters design concept incorporates all the rugged and durable features of a tubular heater with the flexibility of a heat exchanger.

Design specifications may require a unit to meet the boiler and pressure vessel code. NPH can supply the unit designed, built and registered to the ASME code, with the applicable code stamps.


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