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Ceramic Infrared Heaters/Emitters – Description

Ceramic infrared heaters are 96% infrared energy efficient. Uses for electric infrared heat can be found in many industries and applications and can be grouped into four major categories:

Blue_Bullet_Icon Curing

Blue_Bullet_Icon Drying

Blue_Bullet_Icon Heating

Blue_Bullet_Icon Cooking

Blue_Bullet_Icon Saunas

Within each of these major categories are literally hundreds of specific applications, and the list keeps growing as technology develops.

Our ceramic infrared heaters (emitters) are manufactured with three basic emitter faces: Concave, Flat and Convex. These emitter face styles will result in the specific radiant emission pattern as shown in our Ceramic Infrared Emitters Technical Manual. The concave surface will emit a concentrated radiant pattern which is highly effective when zone heating is desired as well as radiant heating in general. Flat surface emitters will produce a uniform pattern for even heating at a close proximity between the emitter and the target being heated. Finally, the convex shaped emitter gives off a wide area.
pattern which is desirable in comfort heating or other applications that require a dispersed radiant emission pattern.

These heaters are durable, splash-proof and have a non-corrosive finish. Maximum temperature output of up to 1292*F (700*C). Estimated life of 10,000 hours with one (1) year warranty.
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